Software Engineering

High Side Technology utilizes a broad array of tools, techniques, and tactics to deliver value-added data science capabilities and we continuously scan the industry and study trends to identify the latest tools and technologies in data science and analytics. We ensure consistency and success across our wide-ranging capabilities by operating under a framework of guiding principles that we apply to every effort:
We believe the most critical enabler of our success lies in leveraging continuous feedback from our customers and at every step in the analytical process. Our customers bring invaluable knowledge and insights to our projects, and close collaboration ensures our efforts align to their goals and objectives.
Data science and analytic capabilities are tools employed to solve problems and achieve objectives. We focus our efforts on understanding the objective from the outset of any project and keep alignment to the objective at the forefront of our efforts throughout the analytic lifecycle. Our mission is to develop solutions that drive proactive decision-making for our customers that enable their success.
Analytic projects involve bringing together multiple disparate datasets and applying complex tools and techniques in an iterative process to generate results. Taking a disciplined approach to document ground rules and assumptions as well as the process flow of the analysis ensures all stakeholders have a thorough understanding of our approach. Rigorous documentation highlights the optimal ways to use the analysis, as well as any limitations, and supports easy maintenance and reuse of the model for future use cases.
Our solutions are not developed as ‘black boxes’ that only work under a narrow set of conditions. We let our customers get ‘under the hood,’ demonstrating what we did, how we did it, and why. Model transparency promotes trust in the output, giving our customers to act on the analysis and recommendations with confidence. In addition, we understand the highly dynamic nature of the problems we are solving, the inputs available, and the assumptions needed to build a solution. To that end, we develop analytic products with flexibility in mind, allowing for ‘plug and play’ updates to the model as our knowledge of the problem set is refined.

High Side Technology (HST) delivers cutting-edge Agile software engineering expertise to support customers’ software development, security, and operations (DevSecOps) needs across various mission areas. Rather than focusing purely on software coding, HST specializes in Agile software engineering across the DevSecOps lifecycle using Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) methodologies to inform and build solutions to address customer needs. We provide software requirements definition and management, software architecture and functional design, and Agile software development management through our Release Train Engineers, Product Managers, Product Owners, and Certified Scrum Masters.

We guide customers through the development and implementation of software solutions, from requirements collection, prioritization, and Backlog management to operations and sustainment strategies. We apply our deep understanding of cloud, hybrid, and distributed edge node architectures and modern service-centric design to develop software and information systems solutions tailored to customer needs. HST provides customers critical software engineering leadership and applied mission expertise to ensure success of software development effort of any size and complexity.