Our Values

HST is a close-knit team of high performing professionals making a difference by solving hard problems for our valued customers.

We value curiosity and exploration. Insight and Innovation is driven by seeking to understand, longing to make sense of the complex, discovering patterns in the seemingly random, applying new thoughts to existing problems, and bringing existing solutions to new problem spaces.

We believe that a growth-mindset is critical to personal and professional development. We seek out team members who strive for improvement – whatever that means to them.

We value the desire to explore, to get creative, to test, and to evaluate new ideas. We believe expertise is gained in large part by practicing – applying new ideas, or testing solutions in new problem spaces. Deep learning comes from doing, observing results, seeking feedback, and iterating.

Relationships are the foundation of everything we do. The relationships within our team, and the relationships with the people we support drive our purpose. We believe that solving hard problems and making meaningful contributions to the world requires collaboration, openness, and the support of everyone who is a part of our community.

We value empathy, seeking to deeply understand the thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and feelings of every individual, in an effort to connect in a meaningful way. We seek out and embrace diversity in our teams. We believe in the value of practicing gratitude and showing appreciation for the unique insights we gain from each interaction, whether it be with a teammate, a partner, or focused work on a problem set.

Creating value is the natural result of our approach. Through our focus on relationships, growth, and an innovation mindset, we have created the conditions needed to generate value, and at the end of the day, our customers have benefitted from this value. Our team members desire to contribute, to achieve, to get involved, to own the responsibility of making a difference, and we get results.

We value honesty, respect, and authenticity. ‘Doing the right thing’ will always be a non-negotiable. In a world, and industry, where organizations are incentivized to ‘stretch’ or ‘get creative,’ we pride ourselves in holding steadfast to our principles.

We recognize that a culture of trust is a necessary condition for empowering individuals and teams to drive their own outcomes, and we make it a priority to maintain the right environment to enable continued excellence.

We are open and honest while maintaining respect and empathy with everyone we encounter.

You only live once, and we want to maximize the joy. We work on hard problems, ones that have impactful/serious consequences, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and approach our work with enthusiastic positivity. We believe that optimism and a positive outlook breeds success and better problem solving.